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I love that my bottle calves are always excited when I bring them a meal. My human kids were never that excited😂 We have 7 cows left to calf. Two of the cows left are heifers. We started working cows and calves last weekend. We have a couple of those cows you don’t turn your back on when they have a calf. When they go to the big pastures they keep the riff raff out. Number 10 wasn’t happy being moved around and went into the chute on her own before we started. My youngest who’s 21 decided he’d make friends with her. She tolerated him petting her and saying your just scared and let’s be friends. My husband said you know what she’d do if that chute gate opens? She’s not all bluff. I‘m not sure why we keep her around. She‘s a good reminder that they are animals and they are unpredictable.

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